There are four main factors to consider uch wood floor water damage has already occurred.

1. The Flood Damage Response Time

The longer your floor has been exposed to water, THE WATER REMOVAL AND the more difficult hardwood Floors water damage repair becomes. Ideally, you want to respond to a water flood cleanup as soon as you discover it. If you wait as little as 24 hours, too much water will penetrate the hardwood floors and may not be salvageable and mold removal and mold remediation will be more costly.

2. The Type of Hardwood floors water damaged

The type of hardwood floor that you have may influence how you respond to the situation. Some wood species absorb water faster than others. If your hardwood floor starts to absorb water, it could expand and buckle.

Since you probably don’t have a lot of experience working with different types of wood, you should contact Hardwood Floors Specialist learn more about your options. Our professionals expert have seen every type of hardwood floor water damage that you can think of, so they’ll know how to respond.

3. The Amount Property Damages

CAT 1 are small amount of water extraction probably won’t damage your floors if you remove the moisture as soon as possible. If you notice the water from a leak then cover it with towels ASAP. CAT 2 water damage is when you see substantial amount of water but not sure where it's coming from.TURN OFF THE WATER LINE ASAP then call us at your discretion. We will locate the leak and discuss your options. CAT 3 & 4 are crucial to get professional help from an experienced hardwood floors water damage specialist unless you enjoy throw money away.

CAT 5 are Hurricanes Harvey water damages. If we not sitting on the roof to be safe. We will be there.